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CA CPT Exam Tips

Tips to Pass CA CPT Exam

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts CA CPT exam every year twice in months of June and December. In earlier post we have given best reference books for CA CPT exam. ICAI has already released CPT admit cards for December 2014 exams. So many students are asking that "How to complete CA CPT exam in 1st attempt. So Here, I have given 7 most important tips for CPT Exam. Kindly consider to crack CPT exam in first shot.

7 Tips to Pass CA CPT Exam

1) Most Important: Remember you will have to get at least 30% in all subject, so till last attempt, generally CPT students were leaving Matches & statistic totally, but you cannot do so as 30% rule is applicable.

2) Accounting: Accounting is the scoring subject for CPT exam. If your knowledge in accounting subject is well then your chances of cracking CPT exam is very high. In Accounting before starting revision of chapters/sums, first study whole theory of that chapter and then solve at least 1 or 2 questions from examples.

3) Mercantile Law: Prepare Mercantile Law thoroughly, don’t miss any topic, refer all the acts applicability date & definition. Because it was the only scoring subject after accounts. Contract Act is important one.

4) Economics: In economics 1st complete Macro economics then go for micro economics. Macro Economics is also very scoring.

5) Quantitative Aptitude (Math’s & Statistics): In Mathematics, first do the easy chapters which you had learned in school during 8, 9, and 10; In Statistics, don’t miss Differentiation and integration, Correlation and regression and theoretical distribution as these are the important one.

6) How many answers to tick ? This is the most obvious question to most of the CPT students. I will recommend you to tick mark around 160 – 170 minimum if your preparation is not good enough.
Don’t do foolish thing of marking all of 200 questions otherwise you may be failed with 7 – 10 marks missing. I have personally seen peoples who tick mark all of them and fails, recently my friend had done the same mistake and he got 94 and failed and his brother had ticked 168 and he got 100 marks and was the luckiest CPT cracker. So, please keep this thing in mind. If you are well prepared then you don’t need to keep such restriction.

7) Be confident & Hard-worker: Last but not least study hard and do the hard work only because there is no substitute of hard work.

Direct entry to CA course with out passing CPT exam

If you passed any graduation(degree) course already, you can directly  register to CA IPCC. For full details click here "Direct entry to CA course with out passing CPT exam"

How many times you can attempt CPT exam

some students have doubt that how many times that they can attempt CPT exam or for how many attempts, their registration can valid. see our post that How many times you can attempt CPT exam.

 Other Useful Tips For CA/CMA/CS Students - 

1. Have a sound sleep of 7 hours in night to be fresh in exam hall.

2. Have light lunch before exam and a glass of juice.

3. Reach at least 15 minutes before at exam center.

4. On receiving the question paper just go through it. Do not waste time in detail reading of questions paper and quickly fix sequence of number in which you want to solve.

5. First solve small questions then only go for big questions. They are easy to solve and boost your cofidence.

6. Keep a watch in front of you to know the time available. Remember mobile is not allowed in exam.

7. Never deposit copy before time yourself. If all questions solved then keep checking them.

8. Try to solve all questions even you know only two three steps because numbers are always given stepwise.

9. Do not be too slow in first hour and too fast in last hour. Be atert from beginning. Maintenance same speed in three hours.

At last have confidence in yourself. God is with you...

Best Of Luck

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