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Issue of Professional Certificates to CS Final Course / Professional Programme Students



It is informed that the release of Pass Certificates of students who have passed the Final Course / Professional Programme Stage, but  not successfully completed computer training, were kept in abeyance pending compliance with the guidelines.

As per the modified training structure introduced  w.e.f. 1st April, 2014, the requirement  of computer  training has been done away with for all students of CS Course. Keeping in view the  possibility that correspondence addresses of some of the students may have changed, the Institute has already sent communications through SMS to them for  intimating  their latest correspondence  address so that the certificates could be despatched at the correct address.

Students who have passed the Final Course/ Professional Programme upto June, 2013 Session but not received the  Pass Certificate due to non-compliance with the computer training requirement, may send  a formal request  by 30th November, 2014  at  E-mail Id indicating their latest address for taking necessary action for despatch of the certificate.

In case of no response  by 30th November, 2014, the certificates would be despatched at the addresses as available in the records of the Institute.

NOTE : The issue of  pass certificates of students who have passed the Professional  Programme  Stage  during  June,  2014  Session  is  under  process  and  the  same will be despatched by end of November, 2014 and such students may not send any request to the Institute.

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