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CA not giving transfer from Articleship


Hi, I am doing Articleship from Small firm. I am into 8th month of A'ship. Now I want to leave it bcoz: * I don't get stipend, he pays me cheque and forces me to reimburse in cash. * there is no quality work. * He asks me to do his personal work like going bank for his work, maintaining his personal accounts. When I asked him for transfer, He got annoyed & Denied it. Also threatened me of Deed I signed. I am feeling badly trapped. Please suggest me what should I do now? What are my Rights?..:.

Best Answer:
I. Transfer /termination of articles is permitted without any restriction during the first year of articles.

Regulation 67: Complaint Against the Principal

(1) Where an articled assistant makes a complaint against his principal on a matter concerning his training as an articled assistant, the President or the Vice- President as the Executive Committee may decide from time to time, may cause an investigation to be made and submit a report to the Executive Committee.

(2) The Executive Committee shall submit the report of the investigation to the Council with its recommendations.

(3) The Council may, on a consideration  of the report of the Executive Committee,  pass such order as it may consider expedient, including an order withdrawing the entitlement of the principal to train one or more articled assistants either permanently or for a specified period.
(4) The President or the Vice-President as the Executive  Committee may decide from  time to time, may, pending an investigation of the complaint, either terminate or suspend the articles and allow the articled assistant to be accepted as additional articled assistant by a member, notwithstanding anything contained in Regulation 43.

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