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Important Tips For CA Exams

(a) Answer the questions with due emphasis on provisions of the law - Support your answers/conclusions with proper reasoning. Answers should be based on relevant legal provisions rather than a mere common sense and/or guess work.

(b) Quote relevant section numbers - Quoting section numbers would definitely add value to your answers. However, it is better not to quote than to misquote a section number.

(c) Give clear assumptions - Sometimes, there may be different point of view on procedural law based provisions. As a student, you should state your view/assumption clearly and proceed to answer the question on that basis.

(d) Answer in commensuration with the marks carried by the question - You should determine the length of your answer having regard to the marks allotted to the question. Do not have the misconception that lengthy answers fetch more marks.

(e) Do not use short forms - Use of short forms like CEO, AC, DC should be avoided. Write the full names of the statutes, like, 'Service Tax Rules, 1994' or Finance Act, 1994'.

(f) First attempt the question which you know best - This will boost your confidence while attempting the remaining questions and create a positive impression of your level of knowledge on the examiner.

(g) Present your answers well - Underline important points and section references as and when you answer each question. Also, make sure that your handwriting is neat and legible. Answer all parts of a question one after the other. Do not answer different parts of the same question at different places.

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