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How to Revaluate Answer Books of CPT,IPCC,Final Exams

Procedure for providing inspection/certified copies of evaluated answer-books to the concerned examinees

Note : procedure for Inspection/verification of answer book and Procedure for copies of evaluated answer books are different.but both are have some common steps.
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The Council of ICAI announced two times about the Procedure for providing inspection/certified copies of evaluated answer-books to the concerned examinees. 1st time on January 19, 2012. after that another announcement released on1st Aug. 2013 and made some modifications in Procedure for providing inspection/certified copies of evaluated answer-books to the concerned examinees.

1. Applicability :
  • From November 2011 Onwards.
 2.Time Limit to submit Application for inspection/certified copies of evaluated answer books:
  • one month from the date of declaration of result of the respective examination
 3.Fee :
  • Rs/- 500 per Paper (without late Fee)
4.Verification under Regulation 39(4) covers the following aspects:
  • Whether any question or part thereof has remained unvalued
  • Whether there is any totaling error in any question or total marks on the cover page
  • Whether there is any discrepancy between the stepwise marks, total marks for each question indicated on the cover page
5.     Procedure:

 1. An examinee can apply for inspection and/or certified copies of his/her evaluated answer books necessarily in his/her own handwriting, in the prescribed format, (copy enclosed ) giving specific details of the following along with the requisite fees:

a. Name of the examinee
b. Examination , say Intermediate (IPC) Exam, Final etc
c. Year and Month of the examination
d. Roll No of the examinee
e. Answer books of paper(s)/subjects to be inspected/certified copies sought
f. Student Registration Number
g. Address for communication
h. E-mail address
i. Mobile number

2. Physically/visually/mentally challenged examinees who had been permitted by ICAI to engage the services of a scribe/writer for writing the examination, shall submit the application seeking inspection of the relevant evaluated answer books, in the handwriting of the same scribe/writer.

 3. If the examinee had appeared in Hindi medium, his/her application should be in Hindi.

4. Typewritten applications will not be entertained.

 5. The application should be duly signed by the examinee.

 6. The examinee shall also furnish a declaration in the format prescribed. (Copy enclosed)

 7. The hand written application accompanied by the applicable fee and a copy of the admit card should be sent at the following address:-

 The Additional Secretary (Examination)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAI Bhawan
Indraprastha Marg
New Delhi 110 002

 8. The envelope containing the application should be super scribed “Application seeking inspection/certified copies of evaluated answer books- CPT/Intermediate(IPC) Exam/Final” and should be sent by registered post or by speed post only and not by any private courier or ordinary post, at the above address. Examinees are advised to retain a copy of the receipt issued by the postal authorities while sending their application as evidence of having despatched their application.

 9. Applications incomplete in any respect and/or with illegible entries shall be liable to be rejected.

 10. The fees is payable by way of a demand draft drawn in favour of “The Secretary, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” payable at New Delhi and sent along with the application for inspection/certified copies of evaluated answer books. Examinees are advised to write their name and roll number on the reverse of the demand draft.

 11. ICAI shall host the data of applications ( both online and physical) received from the examinees seeking inspection/certified copies of answer books, at . Applicants can check the status of their applications from the said site.

 12. Under no circumstances, inspection/certified copies of answer books will be given to those examinees whose results have been withheld/cancelled/have not been declared for any reason whatsoever. Similarly no access to answer books will be allowed to examinees against whom unfair means cases are reported/under consideration.

 13. ICAI reserves the right to decline the request of any examinee for inspection/certified copies of evaluated answer books, in case it has reason to believe that the request has been made with a malicious intention to discredit the examination system of the Institute.

 14. Delay in giving inspection/certified copies of evaluated answer books to an examinee, for whatsoever reason, shall not vest any right in the examinee to seek extension of time for applying for verification of answer books.

 15. If the examinee is found guilty of any misuse of the inspection/certified copies of the evaluated answer books, he/she shall be liable for award of punishment, such as debarment from appearing at further examination(s) or other action as may be deemed fit by the Examination Committee/Council of the Institute in this regard.

 16. The decision of the Examination Committee/Council of the Institute in this regard will be final.

 17. For any/all dispute(s) relating to examinations conducted by the Institute, including on the abovementioned matters, the Courts at New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

 18. Contact details:

 E-mail IDs, as per the exam:

 You can also contact on the following telephone numbers:
Help Desk: 0120 3054 851, 852, 853, 835

CPT : 0120 3054 805, 806
Intermediate(IPC) Exam : 0120 3894 810, 832
Final : 0120 3054 808, 809
Fax 0120-3054841/843

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 C. Points relevant to inspection of evaluated answer books only:

 1. The examinee will be advised in writing, the date and time at which he/she can inspect his/her evaluated answer books. They will be required to come for inspection at the appointed date and time only and request for change of date/time will generally not be permitted.

 2. ICAI shall also host the details of the roll numbers of the examinees who have been called for inspection of the evaluated answer books on its website on a regular basis for the information of the examinees .

 3. Inspection of answer books will be given only to the examinees , at their own cost, and not to their parents, guardians, or any other person representing the examinee, in this behalf. At the time of physical inspection, only the examinee will be permitted to inspect and no one else will be permitted to accompany him/her.

 4. Physically challenged examinees ( including those who are visually challenged and those challenged by cerebral palsy etc) and have been allowed the facility of a writer for the examination in question, will have the option to bring along the same person, who acted as his/her writer, for inspection of his/her answer books, at their own cost.

5. Inspection of evaluated answer books will be given only at the ICAI’s office at NOIDA, at the following address, on working days at the appointed date and time. Inspection of the answer books shall not be allowed at any other location of the Institute’s offices.

 The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAI Bhawan
A-29, Sector 62,
Dist. Gautam Buddh Nagar (U.P)
NOIDA 201309

 6. The examinee will be required to produce his/her admit card or his student identity card or any other photo identity card duly certified by a Chartered Accountant, at the time of inspection of answer books as a proof of his identity.

 7. The examinee will not be allowed to carry mobile phone, camera or any other electronic gadget or any paper or pen at the time of inspection.

 8. However, the examinee will be permitted to carry the relevant question paper and also note down question-wise marks secured by him/her, on a sheet of paper with pencil supplied by the Institute.

 9. No queries relating to the examination, evaluation, or any other thing that may arise from the inspection of the answer books or otherwise, by the examinees, will be entertained during the process of inspection.

 10. The examinees are required to sign a register in acknowledgement of having availed of the inspection of evaluated answer books.

 11. Inspection of a set of evaluated answer books will be permitted only once.

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