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Best Reference Books for CA IPCC Exams Preparation

Best Reference Books for CA IPCC Exams Preparation

Best Reference books
Hi.. students, Today I’m giving the list of authors of reference books for preparation of CA-IPCC Exams. Reference books are very important in preparation of CA exams. However i can strongly said that “ICAI Practice Manual is the best reference book to pass CA exams easily.” If you disagree with me, verify previous attempt  question papers. Almost major marks (80%) were covered in ICAI Practice manual. Even some questions which were given in previous exams were as it is with the same names, figures and amounts.


My first preference for best reference book is ICAI Practice Manual

Next  recommended authors are as below :

 CA-IPCC Group 1

  •  P.C.Tulsian
  • M.P.Vijay Kumar
  • Padhuka
  • Munish Bhandari
  • Padhuka
  • G.K.Kapoor
  • Jayaraman
  • M.P.Vijay Kumar
Costing and FM:
  • Padhuka
  • P.C.Tulsian
  • Alok Agarwal and Mirdu Agarwal
  • Singhania
  • T.N.Manoharan
  • Padhuka
  • Ahuja - Gupta
Note : Here other reference books are best than ICAI Practice manual.especially Padhuka is useful to average students like me. ;-)

CA-IPCC Group 2

Advanced Accounting :
  •  P.C.Tulsian
  • M.P.Vijay Kumar
  • Padhuka
  • Padhuka
  • Surbhi Bhansal
  • V.K.Agarwal
  • Kamal Garg
  • Dinesh Madan
  • Padhuka
SM :
  • Padhuka
  • S. S. Khandare, A. M. Sheikh
See : Recommended Books By ICAI for CA-IPCC Exams Preparation.

Note :
  • These are only given for the knowledge about recommended authors.
  • Above were recommended by almost 25-30 students(my friends,tuition mates) who are passed IPCC exams in 1,2 attempts.
  • Here i'm not telling that it is compulsory to follow my recommendation.
If you have knowledge about other good recommended authors please comment at below comment box and also give me your valuable advices about exam preparations.

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